Aeolus exposition

30 Oct

A short and simple post!

I spent this beautiful Sunday morning in an Audio Suite at the University of Salford building in MediaCityUK, doing a bit of work for the Digital Sound Production module.

And, while there, I had the occasion to spend some time in the amazing Aeolus exhibition by artist Luke Jerram that has been there since last week, but this time explained by acousticians and volunteers to a small crowd of families and passer-bys on this sunny day. This Aeolus is an acoustic sculpture, made by steel pipes of different longitude that connect in the center of the sculpture.

Aeolus acoustic sculpture at MediaCity UK

It’s really cool how it operates, not only producing sound by making resonate its pipes, but also by amplifying some of them using strings inside them who help the tubes’ own resonating modes. I also love how the light changes during the day according to the different position of the Sun in the sky.

At the MediaCity foyer we also had some curious devices. There was an Aeolian harp and this loudspeaker cone producing a pure sine wave tone which modeled a flour and paint paste by the vibration of its proper modes. I had to record it and edit it myself! Here it is:

Music courtesy of Northbound, song “Forward”, found in the Free Music Archive. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives (aka Music Sharing) License.


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