About me

The reason why you are here right now is because you want to know something more about me. Or what is the same, about Jorge Polvorinos.

I come from Madrid, back in sunny Spain, brought to this world one day in February 1988.

Boring bit about what I do for a living: currently working as a Broadcast Support Engineer at Red Bee Media in London. I graduated from Salford University with an MSc in Audio Production. The reason why I am in the UK is because some years ago I decided that I was not doing what I really wanted to do in my life. I needed to change my path then before it was too late, make a turn on the wheel and put it in the right direction. Although that meant leaving behind my country with my family and long-time friends; what is called “getting out of your comfort zone”.

I knew I loved music and audio since I was a kid playing with our old 70’s turntable at home, with cassetes, radios and every piece of so-called HiFi equipment at hand. I loved to tweak the sounds, to make music meaningful so that it could take over me. It was natural to start studying piano as a hobby at age 8 while going to school. One thing lead to another and after being a short time at the Conservatory, I eventually quitted and started learning guitar and bass too, playing in bands with friends like Sweet Q and also composing some background music for short films. That was funnier than playing piano alone, definitely! Some years later, I also graduated in the degree I always wanted: Audio and Video Engineering.

Not to say that University didn’t deceive me a bit: lots of theory and formulas, difficult exams and lots of suffering with almost no practical approach to it. Degree finished, life went on with me working in a big telecommunications enterprise, designing WiFi/WiMAX or fiber optic networks and the like. Not that I hate them, but it wasn’t the way I imagined I’d earn my life.

In the meantime, while at University, I took my little savings and bought equipment enough to build a portable recording studio with a clear goal in mind: to record bands who couldn’t afford anything more but putting to track what they played in their rehearsal rooms… or also professional musicians playing in live venues or concert halls; even voiceovers for commercials. Everything at the most reasonable price possible.

This little recording studio was done by me as a hobby while I was finishing my degree and also when I got that job last year. But it happened that this hobby brought me more joy than my job (but not more money, unfortunately!). That brings us again to the beginning of this nonsense banter and why I’m babbling things about me. I, Me, Mine as dear George Harrison would sing.

I quit my job in September 2011 and came to Salford University to seek the oportunity of perfecting my knowledge and getting to work at what I think I’m good at. And in the long way, enjoying the long journey by making friends from different countries, learning to live on my own outside my country and enjoying the hell out of it. And eventually, making a living out of being able to support large scale Broadcast Systems for some pretty big clients… and enjoying it! Because that’s what we’re supposed to do: enjoy every day of our lives and trying to make he most out of them.

Welcome to my blog. A splendid time is guaranteed for all!


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