TEDxSalford 2.0 Talks

Audio restoration and noise reduction, mixing and mastering for the 16 talks recorded at the TEDxSalford 2.0 event (21st October 2012)

Complete playlist of all the talks and performances

Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (ALRA) Wigan – Voiceover recordings for Radio Drama students

Recorded, mixed, mastered and delivered CDs for Second and Third year Radio Drama students’ voiceover showreels. Samples availables upon request.

TEDxSalford 1.0 Highlights video – Background music

Background music, promotional video for non-for-profit TEDxSalford organization.

Sound design for “Elephant Dreams” animation video.

Soundtrack done from scratch to fit with Open Source animation project “Elephants Dream, Scene 3.” This is a derivative work from the original work Elephants Dream by The Orange Open Movie Team

All dialogue, sound effects, foley and music made and adapted by Makoto Nagahama, Richard Pugh and Jorge Polvorinos for the Audio Postproduction module at Salford University. (MSc in Audio Production). Voice talents:  Max Johnson and Richard Pugh

This comprised studio and location recordings, as well as foley effects, the usage of various Freesound.org Creative Commons sound samples and music, and a ton of ProTools editing and mixing.

Music: “Nightfall” from the album “Asimov (music inspired by the writings of)” by Lee Rosevere, 2012.

Salford Quays animation – Synthesized background music

Synthesized soundtrack for the Sound Synthesis module at the Audio Production MSc in University of Salford (Manchester). We were asked to create a background to a mute animation video that shows the University’s new setting at Media City, in the Salford Quays.

Ash Mountain – “The day the music died”

Song by Manchester-based americana band Ash Mountain (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ash-Mountain/4052958325)
Recorded at Salford University Studios between December 2011 and January 2012.

Mixed and mastered in January 2011 for the Digital Studio Production module at Salford University’s MSc in Audio Production.


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