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Do It Yourself audio: Jecklin/Schneider disc!

11 Jan

First of all, happy new year for everyone! Hope everything’s going fine for you. It has been hectic back in Spain for holidays those last weeks, seeing friends and enjoying time as much as I could but also working my ass off to prepare University assignments for the next 2 weeks. I guess it’s time to get to it…

One of the things that I had left for when I was back home was recording my fellow friends and bandmembers of Sweet Q playing in our rehearsal room. And not recording them in the usual way, but in Surround! I’ll have to bring that tracks back to Salford University’s studios and produce a 5.1 mix where I can recreate the room so a listener can feel like he or she is just there listening them play. More technical details on the recording process and technique will come in the next post, in a few days.

While I was doodling about which microphone technique to use for the surround recording, I came to remember something that I always wanted to try and do myself: construct a Jecklin disc with my own materials! Let’s go to the first stop: what’s a Jecklin disc?

As it name says, it is just a disc that is placed between two separated microphones to recreate a natural stereo image that is convincing both when listening in headphones and in loudspeakers. It does so because it is a baffle, made of acoustically absorbent material that creates a shadow area at high frequencies between those microphones, such in a way that recreates more or less accurately the amplitude, time-difference and frequency response between the ears. Low frequencies don’t represent an obstacle to the disc due to their large wavelengths so they reach both microphones more or less at the same time. Difference comes with high frequencies: the disc is an obstacle to them, so that the sound source becomes directional at that point and one of the pair of microphones will capture it before the sound wave arrives to the other one, giving us the idea of localization of the source. Continue reading


Recording with the Black Daniels Popcorn Makers

28 Dec

Today in the morning I have been to Rec House Studios (near my home) to watch the Black Daniel’s Popcorn Makers in their first recording session for their upcoming EP, comprised by 6 songs. These guys come from Tres Cantos, in the north of Madrid (Spain), and although their style variety is quite wide they can’t deny the funky and soul-y heritage that runs through their veins.

This band is formed by Guille (drums and percussion),  Álvaro (bass), Carlos and Pablo (lead and rhythm guitars), Dani (lead vocals & trumpet), Javi (keyboards),  Álvaro “Peri” (sax) and Victor (trombone). Quite a few as you can notice!

The reason for me being there, apart from Álvaro the bassist being my cousin, is that I love to see how other people record, which equipment they use and in general, pick their brain in their recording and mixing methods and techniques. Rec House Studios are located in the basement of a common 4 flight residential building in the Lucero quarter… but it is a really big basement! It comprises an acoustically treated control room which can act as live room for guitars and bass, and an isolated booth suitable for a full drumset, vocals or any other instrument. The control room and the isolated booth are separated by a double glass window that rolls open when you need to go in or out of it, but that is also acoustically isolated from the control room. Continue reading